Aperitif Culture


Saveur magazine on the bitter aperitivo liqueur traditions of Italy

Great coverage of the aperitivo liqueur category and a nice spot for Rinomato Aperitivo among its peers. Thank you Saveur Magazine for sharing the ins and outs of a really interesting and relatively under-explored cocktail / category. See article here: http://www.saveur.com/bitter-italian-spirits-aperitivo-aperol-campari   And for that something extra, a few Rinomato Aperitivo recipes to try.

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The Art of Aperitivo

But really, what is a spritz? And does Aperol own the drink?

Aperol has commandeered the spritz! So how is it that an aperitivo liqueur brand has assumed credit for an entire category of drink that is simply sparkling wine + soda water + [insert liqueurs, vermouth, other aromatized wines here]? As it turns out, the average consumer in America does not know much about the categorization of European

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Playboy Magazine – for Mancino and Aperitivo Rinomato

There was something to that old joke “I read Playboy for the articles.” Their content is superb and well ahead of the curve in terms of discovering new products and concepts. Playboy – The Bunny Boiler

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