Our Mission

Raising the Bar for Aperitif Imports

FASEL SHENSTONE is an importer dedicated to sourcing quality and authentic aperitif wines and spirits to improve the American drinking experience. We work exclusively with producers committed to quality ingredients and traditional production methods, our main objective being to expand the variety and appreciation of aperitif wines and liqueurs in the USA.

We believe strongly in transparency. Too few producers and importers disclose the specifics of production, and too many brands draw on questionable stories to capture consumer attention. What matters first and foremost is the liquid inside the bottle, and we are proud to work with family-owned producers who talk openly about their sourcing and techniques and methods – origin of wines, and maceration for example.

We hope that our portfolio enriches your culinary and beverage adventures and compels you to explore this age-old category of wines and spirits more thoroughly.  We also look forward to hearing from you about the world of aperitifs, whether it be questions about our suppliers or opportunities to work together to develop aperitif culture in the United States.