FASEL SHENSTONE is a spirits and wine importer dedicated to improving the American drinking experience. We seek out exceptional and unique suppliers to expand the variety of and appreciation for aperitif wines and liqueurs in the USA.

Exceptional Products

We partner only with the best producers in their categories who adhere to traditional methods, and who have a hand in every aspect of production. Our suppliers are respected European distilleries and wineries committed to artisan production to stand out from the commercial pack.

Market Education

Aperitif categories like vermouth and gentian wine are misunderstood in America despite being a must-have element of any proper home or professional bar. We invest in education to help our fellow imbibers better understand the origin, production, and applications of these categories.


Few drinkers today truly understand what is in their glass, or how it got there. We are proud to work with family-owned producers who talk openly about their sourcing, ingredients and production techniques. Consumers and industry professionals deserve to know what they are drinking / pouring.

Our Suppliers

Bodegas Martinez-Lacuesta

A Founding Winery of Rioja

Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta was founded in 1895 in Haro by Félix Martínez Lacuesta. Today his great grandson, Luis, runs the bodega, applying the same methods.

Mancino Vermouth

the benchmark for Italian vermouth

Giancarlo Mancino started producing his vermouth in 2011. Tired of larger commercial brands destroying the category, he set his sights on returning quality to the liquid.


Reviving Italian Aperitivi Traditions

A line of premium aperitif products aimed at returning artisan production to highly commercialized categories. This project is a collaboration between Giancarlo Mancino and Fasel Shenstone.


Vero Spritz Italiano

SPREZZA is a dry, bubbly and refreshing Italian spritz in a can made by combining aromatized wine from Piedmont, bold cocktail bitters, mineral water and carbonation. Dry, bubbly and refreshing, this is Sprezzatura in liquid form.

St Raphaël Quinquina

Iconic French Aperitif Wine

ST RAPHAËL, founded in 1830, is the oldest French Quinquina in production today. It became ingrained in French culture during the "30' Glorieuses," or the thirty years following World War II. Dining, cafe culture, and lively bistros had returned in force to France and St. Raphaël was the drink of choice.

Yzaguirre Vermouth

The Original Spanish Aperitif

Hailing from Tarragona, this line of aperitifs define the 'Vermut de Reus' style. Production methods have not changed since the house was founded in 1884.

The Apero Moment

News, press and our thoughts on the world of aperitifs

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